Welcome to the office of Anthony Subia, DC 

Located in downtown Glendale, Ca. I chose to practice here because although it’s a large city, it still has a small town feel which reminds me of my hometown of Bakersfield. Becoming a chiropractor has been greatly rewarding as I enjoy helping people with all types of ailments. I also offer a unique approach to chiropractic treatment.


Most chiropractic patients I have seen suffer from chronic pain, and I have found that it originated from an old injury or even prolonged high stress. This creates rigid muscles and dysfunction in their movement. I use a combination of muscle release treatment as well as Chiropractic manipulations.

Some patients prefer a Chiropractic manipulation that doesn’t involve twisting and cracking the spine, so I use offer the 3D Chiropractic technique. This means treating the body 3-Dimensionally which involves no twisting, popping or cracking of the spine.

We have helped many complex cases. If you have had other forms of treatment unsuccessfully and you are looking for a new approach, our office may be able to help you.


Common Conditions Treated


Muscle focused treatment designed for soft tissues pain, athletes, or those who prefer a non forceful chiropractic approach.

We specialize in treating chronic conditions that may have been unresponsive to other forms of treatment. Our Mission is to provide the community with honest and professional care. We are also committed to patient education, maximizing physical and overall well being.