Sports Injury Treatment

Chiropractic sports injury treatment is ideal for athletes, fitness enthusiasts and weightlifters. As you are training, muscles can develop adhesion's, micro tears and without proper treatment this can lead to trigger points, scare tissue, chronic tendinitis, weakened muscle and pain at the joints. This treatment addresses the source of the problem of many athletic injuries. Myofascial Release is a form of soft tissue treatment which involves applying pressure over a restricted or over active muscle and putting the muscle through its full range of motion. This treatment helps with increasing flexibility, reducing pain from new injuries and flare ups from old injuries. This muscle release is effective in patients with pain from virtually any part of their body.

Benefits of Treatment

The muscle release treatment breaks up soft tissue adhesion's which:

  • Improves Blood Flow to the area    

  • Strengthens Muscles                 

  • Decreases pain

  • Improves range of motion

  • Improves athletic performance


A few common sports related injuries:

Front shoulder pain : Very common among weightlifters who have a history of using heavy weight with bench pressing or those who do repetitious pressing exercises. The front shoulder pain is due to tendonitis of pectoral muscles and in some cases tendonitis of the biceps muscle can also cause front shoulder pain. If left untreated this can contribute to imbalanced posture know as “rolled in shoulders” and can lead to upper back pain and even neck pain.

Sprained / Strained Ankles: Or commonly known as a “rolled ankle” is the result of overstretching the ligaments and tendons at the ankles. After the initial swelling, the ligaments and tendons can have micro tears and adhesions from the trauma. Heat and ice are required to began the rehab process but without the proper treatment the ankle may not get the chance for a full recovery. Adhesions may persist along with chronic pain that can affect gait and lead to knee and low back pain.

Knee pain: Notorious with runners and can prevent weightlifters from heavy squatting. There can be different causes with different muscles involved depending on the activity or sport. Knee pain almost always leads to low back due to the change in biomechanics. Those with chronic knee pain will very likely develop arthritis of the knee if left untreated.


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