The Importance of Proper Breathing

Breathing properly is important for many reasons. It raises the oxygen levels in your body, therefore reducing the acidity levels and that in it itself has a lot of benefits. It helps with athletes to maximize their energy. Also proper breathing helps to reduce neck tension and stress levels.

The proper way to breath is from the abdomen instead of chest breathing. As you inhale through the nose, push out from the abdomen and exhale through the mouth. This helps to fully engage the diaphragm to work as it should.


Often times when observing patients, they will inhale and raise their chest and shoulders to help with breathing. And upon examination I will find incredibly overactive and tender chest, shoulder and neck muscles from having to constantly support in breathing. These patients will typically have chronic neck pain and headaches. We also find tense abdominal muscles which may be preventing them from being able to breath properly.  



Upon further investigation often times these people will be under a large amount of stress, have high anxiety, and or depression. And because of the abdominal tension, Many times, they will often have problems with digestion. Their breathing is short and shallow and contributes to overuse of the neck chest muscles to assist in breathing.

In treating the overactive neck muscles, we also address the abdominal tension and find out what the real cause is that lead to it.


Practicing proper breathing exercises is also meditative. As you increase your oxygen levels you’ll notice anxiety levels decrease, but will increase your level of calmness. Performing these on a regular basis will not only help to reduce any chronic neck tension, but will reduce stress levels.