3-D Chiropractic Technique


Dr. Alan Nunez founded and coined the term “3-D Chiropractic” because we not only treat the spine but the front of the body in particular the abdomen, front of the hips, chest tension, facial and jaw tension and shoulder tension.

The philosophy behind the 3-D Chiropractic technique is that frightening or traumatic events can cause a high amount of acute or chronic anxiety and result in tension in the body. The tension can lead to rigidity of the muscles. This can cause abnormal posture which puts an imbalanced stress on the spine and other joints and lead to early and or excessive arthritis. And because of the excessive abdominal tension, other conditions such as indigestion, constipation, acid Reflux can develop.

Many people fear the Chiropractic adjustments because they think all Chiropractors use the traditional method of twisting and cracking the spine.  3-D Chiropractic technique treats the body three dimensionally and involves no twisting, popping or cracking of the spine.

Once we find the muscle imbalance and locate the pattern of tension, we then use a muscle release technique to release the chronic muscle tension. The next step is to use a non-force Chiropractic adjustment to restore mobility in the joints.